Welcome to Mission!

North Waverly Chapel, as an affiliate of the Christian and Missionary Alliance denomination, is committed to partnering with local, national and international workers. These workers in our community, our country and around the world are bringing the good news of Jesus to those who don't know and who haven't heard.

You are invited to join us in our partnerships with these workers as we PRAY for them, GIVE to them, and WATCH how God uses all of it to bring about change, joy, and love.

Local, National, and International Workers

David & Joy Braun

Open Air Campaigners, PA

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Tom & Bev Hawkins

Greater Europe Mission, France

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Gilbert & Chris Kingsley

Cru, formerly Campus Crusade for Christ, US

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Dan & Sharon Russell

Child Evangelism Fellowship, Bradford County, PA

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Randy & Laurie Steel

Ethnos 360 (New Tribes Mission), Paraguay

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Jim & Alice Vanderhoof

World Gospel Mission, USA

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Penny Warner

Ethnos 360 (New Tribes Mission), Senegal

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Alliance Workers

Supporting the Great Commission Fund

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